Pro Export Plus supplies quality Czech made Cutting Tools manufactured by traditional Czech producers to European as well as Overseas countries. Among the most demanded commodities belong drills, reamers, and countersinks made by STIMZET, taps and dies made by NAREX ZDANICE and BUCOVICE TOOLS, circular saws made by GSP Zborovice, band Saws and machine saws made by PILANA TOOLS lathe tools made by DENAS, end mills and cutters made by ZPS FN, carbide tools made by Pramet, module cutters and hobs made by ERGOZET and PILSEN TOOLS, Tool Bits made by POLDI and many other standard or special tools.

Milling Cutters

Pro Export Plus supplies into many countries of all continents wide range of milling cutters from Czech manufacturers - ZPS - frézovací nástroje, Ergozet and Pilsen Tools. We supply full range of end mills, slott drills, form cutters, die sinking cutters, shell end mills, side and face cutters, hobs, module gear cutters as well as specials made according to drawing. Complete catalogue available on homepage under ZPS FN logo.

Circular saw blades

Important part of our export program represent slitting saws in both high speed and super high speed steels suitable for cutting-off, milling, and grooving steels and alloys on manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. The slitting saw blades range is from dia 20 mm to dia 315 mm with thicknesses ranging 0,2 mm - 6 mm in variable increments with tooth forms: A - B - BW. All standard saws are available in HP-GRIND execution but are readily available in VAPO or P.V.D. (Physical Vapour Deposition) coated execution.

Band saw blades

Pro Export Plus exports Band saws of Pilana brand. Band Saw Blades are made from bi-metal and also tool steel. The wide assortment is designated for the cutting of diverse materials, for a wide range of cross sections and for various mechanical properties of the material being split.

Saw blades

Pro Export Plus supplies hack saw blades and machine saw blades. Machine saw blades are suitable for cutting structural steels, tool steels and high speed steels, cast irons cutting and non-ferrous metals. They have teeth alternatively set and are made of high efficient Swedish high speed steel, hardened and tempered to enable perfect performance. They are designed for power frame saws and KASTO tools. Hand hack saw blades made of super-alloyed high speed steel are suitable for standard use, for high cutting performance in different steels we recommend hight speed steel blades.

Tool Bits

Pro Export Plus offers complete range of Tool Bits made by Strojírny Poldi. Semi finished Tool Bits are made of high-speed steel grades (HSS, HSSECo5, HSSECo10) of square, rectangular, round and trapezoidal section. We also offer turning tools, shaper tools and blades of a plane of high-speed steel grades and special tools of high-speed and tool steel grades according to customer documentation Download file

Carbide tipped lathe tools

Pro Export Plus offers wide variety of carbide tipped lathe tools manufactured according to ISO standards both in right and left execution. Main quality grades of inserts are: - P (S) suitable for turning of steel and cast steel - M suitable for turning of steel, cast steel, manganese steels, austenitic steels, malleable cast iron and fire resistant alloys - K (H) suitbale for turning of grey cast steel, malleable cast iron, free-cutting steels, hardened steel, aluminium based alloys, nonferrous materials, wood and plastics.

Centre drills

Pro Export Plus supplies ground from solid Centre Drills in standard as well as non standard executions

Carbide inserts

Pro Export Plus supplies into many countries of all continents wide range of Pramet carbide products as well as corresponding holders. Most popular are Interchangeable Carbide Inserts for Turning and Milling and in some territories where conventional Lathe Tools are used we supply Brazed Carbide Tips of different shapes and grades. For all kind of Inserts we offer also wide range of holders for milling and turning. We also offer carbide semi-products and specials made according to customer´s request.


Pro Export Plus supplies quality Czech made drills from local producers in different execution: cylindrical or taper shank made from HSS, HSSE or Carbide, in metric or imperial sizes, in standard lengths, short or extra long execution.

Core drills

Pro Export Plus supplies Core Drills with cylindrical as well as taper shank. Core Drills are Tools of rigid construction used for working of prebored holes, cast holes or punched holes with 3 or 4 flutes. Three flutes execution increases the accuracy of the hole working, especially the roundness. We supply Core Drills made according to DIN 343, 344 a 222 and in tolerance H8 - H11


Made from efficient high-speed steel HSS or HSSE. Reamers are produced for holes with size tolerances H7 and H8, according the customer´s wish. Use: Machine reaming of holes in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, their alloys and plastics. Available for Hand and Machine use.


Pro Export Plus supplies counterbores made from efficient high-speed steel HSS, with different number of flutes and various execution. They are used for counterboring of holes for screw with flat fillister head in normal materials. It is possible to counterbore prebored holes for screw body, deburring of burrs, chamfering and sinking of holes in products from steel, cast iron, alloys of non- ferrous metals, light metals and non-metallic materials.


Pro Export Plus supplies high quality machine taps designed for the productive manufacturing of threads in through as well well as blind holes in various types of machined materials. Taps are made of quality high-performance high-speed steels, for the most part coated with a suitable abrasion-resistant coating. We also supply nut and forming taps which are used for the progressive manufacturing of threads in through as well as blind holes in materials with good cold-working properties with the minimum ductility of 10 %. Selection of a suitable tool as per the specified process parameters of threading. Following threads are supplied as standard: M, MF, G, UNC and UNF. We supply also sets of hand taps produced either from carbon or high speed steel - threads M, MF, W (BSW), G, P, UNC and UNF.

Threading Dies - Round

Pro Export Plus supplies circular dies in hobby, standard and professional execution. Hobby execution is from carbon steel, standard execution from high speed steel and professional execution from high speed steel with cobalt. We supply solid, adjustable and also hexagon die nuts according to DIN 382. Circular dies with M and MF thread are manufactured in 6g tolerance. Left execution or chip breaker are available as well. We supply also circular dies with P, BSW, BSF, G, UNC, UNF and UNEF thread. Download file