Made from efficient high-speed steel HSS or HSSE. Reamers are produced for holes with size tolerances H7 and H8, according the customer´s wish. Use: Machine reaming of holes in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, their alloys and plastics. Available for Hand and Machine use.

Taper Reamers

Made from efficient high-speed steel HSS. Straight teeth uniform spacing. Use: For hand and machine reaming of cavities for taper ends of shafts 1:10 and or 1:50 Range 1:10: dia 10,00 ÷ 32,00 mm FORM A Range 1:50: dia3,00 ÷ 30,00 mm FORM A or FORM B

Shell reamers

Made from efficient high-speed steel HSS.

Sets of Reamers

Pro Export Plus offers seat of adjustable reamers without leading guide. We supply two sizes in wooden boxes - larger one consists of 12 pieces in range 10.25 to 33.00, smaller one is 6 pcs set in range 13.75 to 24.00. Suitable for machining of cast iron and bronze.

Adjustable Reamers

Pro Export Plus supplies Adjustable Hand Reamers from diameter 7,6 to 60mm as individual pieces or sets with or without bushing. Thanks to irregular geometry of teeth spacing they provide reaming of accurate holes. Sets are available in 2 ranges 13,75-24mm and 10,25-33mm).

Straight shank Reamers

Hand and Machine Reamers with straight shank, straight or helical teeth, basicly in tolerances H7 and H8 Download file