Pro Export Plus, spol. s r. o.
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Czech Republic

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Pro Export Plus offers complete range of hand tools. Besides sockets, spanners, ratchets, pliers, screwdrivers and other items we supply also deburring tools, magnetic stands and cooling systems made by NOGA and plastic hoses Loc-line.

Loc-line modular hose system is a unique system used for cooling which offers endless combinations. Unique ball and socket design is fully hand adjustable in both position and length. Repeated positioning is easy and will stay in position without any springback. Loc-line is available in four different sizes with inside diameters measuring from 1/4" do 2.1/2". It is manufactured in a premium grade acetal copolymer which is chemically resistent to petroleum products, coolants and most common chemicals. Selected parts are also available in an acid resistant polyester. Loc-line is designed for low pressure applications. Wide variety of manifolds, valves, nozzles and fittings makes this product just excellent and will meet all your needs.

Pro Export Plus supplies standard, TRX, deep sockets in metric and inch sizes. Extension bars, ratchets, T-handles, socket wrenches, bits and adaptors are also available.

Pro Export Plus supplies all kind of pliers made by Zbirovia and Toptul. Starting from basic range of all purpose pliers, cutting nippers, flat nose pliers, pliers for internal and external circlips to VDE insulated pliers according to DIN EN/EC 60900.

Pro Export Plus offers all kind of keys made by Tona, Stanley and Toptul. All are made from quality material in different executions - single and double heads, open and single end box wrenches, combination wrenches, offset ones, hex keys, torx keys and adjustable ones.

Pro Export Plus offers magnetic stands made by NOGA. They are designed for use in machinery and also in film industry to hold audio devices and lights. You can also use them in photo studio. Detailed information about products and their parts you will find in our e-shop.

Pro Export Plus supplies also other items of hand tools - abrasives, chisels, brushes, hammers, mallets, axes and similar products, all made in Czech Republic.


Pro Export Plus offer high quality files manufactured by traditional producer Ajax. More than one thousand files and rasps of different shapes are available. We sell also diamond files and pastes.

Pro Export Plus supplies different executions of ratchets, T-handles, extension bars, speed barces and similar products manufactured by TONA and Toptul.

Pro Export Plus supplies wide range of sets. We offer smaller sets for craftsmen, special on board car sets, universal sets in plastic boxes and also rolling tool cabinets.

Pro Export Plus offers hand deburring tools manufactured by world leader Noga. Using Noga is the best solution for deburring applications. Ergonomic handle, easy and fast replacement of blades, wide choice of blades for different materials, most common ones in execution for right-handers or left-handers.

We sell quality insulated screwdrivers suitable for work under live voltage made by traditional manufacturer Narex Bystrice. These screwdrivers are 100% tested against electric breakdown as required by the international standard IEC 900. They have also certification from the Czech State Laboratory.

We are offering screwdrivers made by traditional Czech manufacturer Narex bystrice. Ninety years of hand tool production led to high quality products made of superior materials with advanced heat treatment and also to ergonomic design. Quality of all PROFI lines meets all DIN standards with guarantee of hardness, toughness and accuracy of the working part.