Deburring tools

Deburring tools

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We are offering wide variety of hand deburring tools - burrs, countersinks, reversible countersinks for deburring both back and front sides of holes, chamfers of outside diameter of bars and tubes, rotation countersinks, scrapers, internal scrapers, O - ring and keyway burrs, burrs suitable for sheet metal deburring and ceramic burrs. Most of the tools are supplied with replaceable blades.

Spare blades

We are offering spare blades for allmost all supplied tools. Rotating blades are supplied in two sizes - S (dia 3,2 mm) and N (dia 2,6mm for fine jobs), they are ground at different angles according to required application. They are made of HSS with standard hardness 63 HRC, some models also with hardness 67 HRC, carbide or diamond, TIN coated execution is also available. Most common ones are manufactured also for left-handers. Download file

Holders and extensions

We are offering universal handles to hold blades of sizes S and N with back cap to hold spare baldes and handles for different extensions. These handles have ergonomic shape and are made of two components. They are lightweight with lifetime guarantee. We can offer also metal and alluminium handles and special handle with safety guard to protect the hand. Extensions are either telescopic to hold S and N blades, with M7 external thread to hold e.g. countersinks, crancked ones etc.

Sets of deburring tools

We are offering also sets of deburring tools. Small economy sets which include one handle plus 10 or 20 spare blades, large profi sets for tool and die makers and for machinists, medium set and economy set for machinists.