Live centres

Live centres

Skoda live centres supplied by Pro Export Plus are in following executions: 243324 with 60° point angle; 243328 extended, with 60° point angle; 243326 with interchangeable points; 243319 with top angles of 60° and 90° for clamping the hollow workpieces; 243325 for 60° or 90° apex angle; 243327 for NC lathes.. The centres are intended for the clamping of workpieces on lathes. The version with the run – out tolerance of max . 0.0035 mm are, usually, employed in work on even grinding machines and, above all, in the grinding of heavy workpieces. The design features a small diameter of the center head which allows for an easy acces of the tool to workpiece. On centres with MORSE 2 – 6 taper the adjustability of the clearance in the front radial bearing is very advantageous. The MK 1 centre is of a different design and is intended for the clamping of very light workpieces. For the mentioned reason, the admissible load of the concerned centre is not specified. The live centre is provided with the shank with Morse taper according to DIN 228/ ISO296 without the clamping thread. PDF download

60° and 90° for clamping the hollow workpieces

Bull nose live centre 243319 delivered with 2 points 60° and 90° Download file

extended, with 60° point angle

These centres are intended to be used on lathes. Their extended clamping section allows for the acces of the tool to workpiece which can by used, to advantage, in the machining by tools exchangeable cutting tips and in the work on copying lathes. The design of the centre allows for the adjusting of the radial clearance. Download file

standard 60° point angle

Standard live centres are intended for the clamping of workpieces on lathes or grinding machines. Download file